Amazon Prime Air Gets The NMA Treatment

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Over the weekend, Amazon surprised just about everybody with its announcement of Amazon Prime Air. For those just joining us, it's a new project at Amazon R&D that seeks to deliver packages to customers via drones. The hope is that Amazon can finally deliver same day delivery as the drones would take only 30 minutes to reach a customer.

As you might expect, the news have received mixed reactions. Some people welcome a future full of delivery drones while others are still distrustful of the technology. Those who are distrustful cite privacy claims as well as safety hazards that might result from the use of autonomous drones.

Like always, our favorite Taiwanese animators at NMA already envision a future of Amazon Prime Air where drones take pictures of our private underwear parties while our redneck neighbors shoot down the drones. There's also the concern that people might "kidnap" the drones to keep, but I'm sure Amazon will have anti-theft measures in place to keep people from getting a five-finger discount on a multi-thousand dollar piece of technology.

Are you one of the many Americans that still don't trust drones, or do you think Amazon Prime Air is a natural evolution of package delivery? I for one welcome our new flying robot masters if it means I get free air delivery by drone. Hopefully others will follow suit, including pizza delivery by air.

[Image: Taiwanese Animators/YouTube]

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