Amazon Opens Indiana Facility: 1000 New Jobs!


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Seattle-based Amazon.Com is making another $150 million investment in Indiana. Jeffersonville, Indiana will be the site of a new warehouse fulfillment center that will create over one thousand new jobs throughout the next couple of years.

Southeast Indiana is a hotbed for the distribution and shipping industries and has over a billion tons of freight traveling through it each year. The newest addition to the Indian workforce was made possible in part from tax credits and training grants offered by the state to Amazon.

Mark Robinson, president of the River Ridge Development Authority, where the facility will be built, comments on the addition of Amazon to the area:

“We are very excited to have a corporate citizen like Amazon here at the River Ridge Commerce Center. Their presence here is further testament of River Ridge being the Midwest’s premier development site,"

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore also expressed a degree of excitement about the new facility:

“We are extremely excited to have Amazon join our business community,”

An addition like this shows Jeffersonville is at the forefront of a national rebound.”

Governor Mitch Daniels adds to the sentiment:

"This is Amazon’s fifth Indiana facility, and the company is employing thousands of Hoosiers. We’re grateful for every one of those jobs,”

"These facilities will serve customers across the country, further cementing Indiana’s position as the country’s logistics capital.”

So the economy seems to be doing really well in Indiana, I don't know if job growth is coming along so well in the rest of the country. Positions at the facility will begin being filled as soon as this fall. Once the building is complete, Amazon will occupy over four million square feet in the state.