Amazon Now Provides Free A/B Testing To Mobile App Developers

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The Amazon Appstore is booming, and Kindle Fires are an even bigger hit this holiday season. Developers will want to jump on board to get some of the sweet revenue from the still growing Kindle market. Not to mention, Amazon provides some excellent tools for those who develop for its platforms and distribution channels.

Amazon announced today that developers who go through its Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program will soon have access to free A/B testing. The free testing is built on Amazon's own Web Services, and promises to scale with an app as it grows.

The new A/B testing service will provide the following features to developers:

  • Free to Use: our A/B Testing service is free to use for developers distributing their app or game through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.
  • Easy Integration: early partners report that the SDK can be integrated and ready for release in less than a day.
  • Precise Control: set up experiments and monitor results from the familiar Mobile App Distribution Portal.
  • Painless Deployment: server-side logic allows you to quickly iterate tests and deploy new, improved experiences to customers without having to resubmit your APK or write any additional client-side code.
  • Effortless Scaling: built on Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s A/B Testing service lets you focus on building great games and apps instead of architecting scalable backend services.
  • For those interested in free A/B testing, Amazon's service is now available in beta. You can sign up for it here.