Amazon Makes Sure You Never Forget A Birthday Again


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Everybody loves birthday presents, but the best we can ever hope for is a half-sincere "Happy Birthday" post on our Facebook wall. Amazon is going to fix that, and have you buy the gift from them in the process.

Amazon announced today its new Friends and Family Gifting service. In essence, it reminds customers when important birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are coming up, and what kind of gifts to get. Here's the full breakdown of all the features:

  • Keep Track of Friends & Family: Store important dates like birthdays and anniversaries with just a few clicks and get reminders.
  • Add Information about Friends: Customers can find existing Amazon Wish Lists to make it easy to find the perfect gift for their friends. By connecting their Amazon and Facebook accounts, customers can also use information about their Facebook friends, such as the things their friends ‘Like,’ to select a gift.
  • Great for Kids: Make it even easier to find the best gifts for kids, as Amazon Friends & Family Gifting provides gift recommendations by age and interest.
  • It's a useful service, but one that seems kind of useless in today's world of gift cards. I can't even remember the last time I received a gift outside of my immediate family. It's more convenient to just dump some cash on a gift card, and toss it in a birthday card. Is it thoughtful? Not really, but when has gift giving been a thoughtful process?

    If you revel in the gift giving process, you can start adding friends and family to your Amazon shopping experience here.