Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Is Now Available

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Amazon has a killer Kindle lineup heading into the holiday season. The launch of the Kindle Fire HD last month was just the beginning. Now the spotlight turns to the company's latest e-reader.

Amazon announced that the Kindle Paperwhite is now available starting today. Those who pre-ordered the device should be getting it today or later this week depending on their shipping speed. It should also be available at retailers that aren't Wal-Mart or Target.

“Kindle Paperwhite is the most advanced e-reader ever created and the Kindle we always wanted to build,” said Jay Marine, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “Pre-orders have far exceeded our expectations and we’re excited to start shipping Kindle Paperwhite to customers today.”

So what does Paperwhite offer over existing Kindle e-readers? Amazon claims the device has 62 percent more pixels, and 25 percent higher contrast. It also features a built-in front light that keeps the screen clear and legible in any lighting condition. The tablet is available in two flavors - 3G and Wi-Fi.

For the discerning customer who likes choice, there are two other companies vying for your e-reader dollars this holiday season. Kobo recently announced their competitors to the new Kindle line with an e-reader that is just like the Paperwhite - the Kobo Glo. The Kobo Glo is also available today for $129. Interestingly enough, Barnes & Noble already had a Paperwhite competitor on the market before Amazon's e-reader was even announced with the Nook Simple Touch. It features the same price and similar lighting technology.

If you're still deadset on getting a Paperwhite, just know that your order will be a bit delayed. The new e-reader sold out of its initial shipment, and all new orders will ship out on October 22.

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