Amazon Kindle Leads iPad In Brand Recognition

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While eReaders are still becoming mainstream, the Amazon Kindle leads its competitors in brand recognition, with 61 percent of consumers having heard of the device, according to a new report from PriceGrabber.

More than half (55%) of consumers said they had heard of the Apple iPad. Thirty-four percent indicated they had heard of the Sony Reader, and 28 percent of consumers were aware of the Barnes & Noble nook.

While more consumers are familiar with the Kindle, the Apple iPad is the most popular eReader among consumers planning to make a purchase in the next year. Twenty percent of consumers plan to purchase the Apple iPad in the next year, while only 12 percent plan to buy the Kindle. This is followed by 6 percent of consumers planning to purchase the Sony Reader and 5 percent planning to buy the Barnes & Noble nook.


Consumers' agreement about the primary use of an Apple iPad is undecided. When asked how they would use the iPad, 13 percent said they would primarily use it as an eReader. Twenty percent would use it as an additional mobile productivity device. Nineteen percent would use it as a replacement for a laptop or a netbook, and 10 percent would use it as an entertainment device.

PriceGrabber predicts the touchscreen feature alone likely will not convince consumers to buy an eReader, but eReaders have many features consumers find appealing. Forty-five percent said the touchscreen was an appealing feature of the eReader. Thirty-nine percent of consumers like the portable size, and 37 percent find the availability of eBooks  appealing.