Amazon Kills Off The Kindle DX

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Did you, or anybody you know, ever purchase the Kindle DX? Did the idea of a 9.7-inch e-reader excite you? If so, you're probably in the minority. At least, that's what Amazon thinks as the company has discontinued the Kindle DX.

If you check out the Amazon Kindle Store this morning, you'll notice that the Kindle DX is no longer a member of the Kindle Family. If you specifically search for it, you'll notice that it's only available through third-party retailers. All of this points to the Kindle DX being discontinued in favor of other Kindle products.

This isn't the first Kindle product that Amazon has killed off in the past few months. The Kindle Touch was killed off without even a mention from Amazon right before the company's Kindle event. In that particular case, it was pretty obvious that the Kindle Paperwhite was meant to replace the Touch. What about the Kindle DX though?

Amazon already has an answer - the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. The company's larger tablet offering will be going on sale in November. It's cheaper than the ridiculously expensive Kindle DX, and it offers the consumer much more in the way of entertainment consumption. The Kindle DX was just a big e-reader, whereas the Kindle Fire HD is positioned to do everything else.

Regardless, there are still some people who may just want a large e-reader. Perhaps the Kindle Paperwhite just isn't doing it for them. We've reached out to Amazon to see if the company has any plans to bring back the Kindle DX in any way. We'll update this story if we hear back.

For now, Kindle DX fans can pick up the tablet from authorized resellers for about $230. At that price, you're probably better off just getting the new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. Amazon even thinks you should as the new tablet shows up in searches for the Kindle DX.

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