Amazon Is Trying Restaurant Food Delivery in Seattle, Where It Just Became a Booze Courier

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Is Amazon looking to get into the meal delivery business?

The company, which already delivers products, groceries, and now alcohol, is reportedly testing delivery from restaurants in Seattle.

From GeekWire:

The company has been testing the service by allowing its own employees to order meals from restaurants in conjunction with the new Prime Now delivery service in Seattle, according to delivery drivers and others with knowledge of the initiative.


Several new Prime Now drivers tell GeekWire they’re the same ones handling restaurant deliveries. A sign observed by GeekWire inside Amazon’s new Prime Now distribution facility, near Amazon’s sprawling headquarters campus north of downtown Seattle, even offered instructions to drivers on how exactly to make restaurant pickups.

The company just rolled out its Prime Now one-hour delivery service in Seattle, where for the first time in the US its delivering beer, wine, and spirits through the service.

Amazon has tested the meal delivery thing before, in very small quantities – a couple of place in New York City as well as a pre-packaged meal option via Amazon Fresh. But what Amazon is testing in Seattle seems to be a direct challenge to the GrubHubs of the world.

Amazon isn't the only one looking to get into this space. Uber is also getting serious about food delivery.

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