Amazon Is Testing a Package Pickup Service Called Flex

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Amazon is reportedly testing a new service that would allow you to pick up your packages rather than sit at home waiting for them to arrive.

Geekwire spotted a sign for something called "Amazon Flex" at a new Amazon facility in Seattle.

"Welcome to Amazon Flex," the sign reads. ā€œPlease take a ticket located behind you. Please look for your number on the top corner of the wall on your left. Proceed to pick up your package once your number is displayed.ā€

Amazon has been fighting rising shipping costs for some time, and is currently thinking about crowdsourcing deliveries and letting regular people deliver packages ā€“ and Amazon Flex could be involved in that. Of course, we all know how hard Amazon is working to get its Prime Air drone delivery program off the ground.

Letting impatient people come pick up their packages? Sounds like an reasonable concept.

Image via Stephen Woods, Flickr Creative Commons

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