Amazon Introduces Video Gift Cards For The Holidays


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Can we all agree that gift cards are the way to go with holiday shopping? It's too hard to know what people want so why not just give them a gift card? The major problem is that gift cards are incredibly boring, and lack personality. Surely, there's a way to fix this, right?

Amazon may just have the solution in the company's recently announced Video Gift Cards. The retail giant has partnered with JibJab to deliver personalized video gift cards to users this holiday season and beyond. In fact, there will be gift cards available for birthdays and everyday occasions.

“We’re excited to add Amazon Video Gift Cards to our growing set of digital gift card products,” said Max Bardon, General Manager, Amazon Gift Cards. “We think customers will love uploading a family photo to one of our entertaining holiday-themed video gift cards and enjoy the engaging gift-giving experience of the new Amazon Video Gift Cards this season.”

Consumers will be able to choose from over 50 JibJab Starring You videos as the basis for their Video Gift Card. If you're familiar with JibJab, the service transplants the faces of friends and family onto the bodies of whatever silly thing you choose.

As for the gift card itself, Amazon says that consumers will be able to load the cards with up to $2,000 in funds. The card is then delivered via email or Facebook. Unlike traditional gift cards, the amounts on these cards will never expire.

You can see check out some of Amazon's new Video Gift Cards here. It's a little early for holiday gift giving, but you might as well start planning on how many video gift cards you'll embarrass family members with.