Amazon Introduces the Spanish Version of E-Books

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Share this Post announced a new spanish version of Kindle e-books today, obviously being called, "eBooks Kindle en Español". In addition to offering of the most popular spanish selling title the service also offers special features designed just for spanish speaking US customers. Currently the service offers about 30,000 spanish language titles, but more are on the way.

Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content comments on the addition of the new service:

"We're excited to introduce Spanish language storefronts on all Kindles, as well as a dedicated store for our Spanish-speaking customers in the U.S.,"

"We expect our Spanish-speaking customers to enjoy both the newly-added books in Spanish, and the improved shopping and reading experience-including dedicated customer service in Spanish-that we've added to eBooks Kindle en Español. And we're looking forward to continued expansion of our store for Spanish language readers around the world."

Here's what eBooks Kindle en Español includes:

* All of the Spanish-language Nielsen best sellers available as eBooks in the United States, and 65 of the top 100 Spanish-language print best sellers from

* The largest representation of Mexican authors, including Jose Emilio Pacheco, Carlos Monsivais and Sergio Pitol

* Kindle Singles in Spanish, including Singles by best-selling authors Kurt Vonnegut and Susan Orlean

* An exclusive selection of Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go books in Spanish

* Compilations of articles from "El Pais," including exclusive pieces from Mexican journalists writing about Mexican current affairs

* Subscriptions to 14 leading Latin American newspapers such as El Universal and La Nacion

* Popular English-language books translated into Spanish, such as the Hunger Games series, the Twilight series, "Steve Jobs," "The Help," and books by authors Stephen King, Nora Roberts and Joel Osteen

Author Paulo Coelho also comments on the release of the new service:

"As one of the first authors to make my work available digitally, and an author whose entire catalog is available digitally, I'm very excited that my Spanish-speaking audience will now be able to buy my books in the Kindle Store with this improved experience,"

"I believe that many more people will have access to great stories from diverse authors with this improved digital experience, and Kindle readers will also now get to read my new work, 'El Libro de los Manuales,' available exclusively in Spanish from the Kindle Store. I am grateful to all of my Hispanic readers in the United States for their ongoing support to my entire canon."

So as more titles become available the service will grow in popularity. I am surprised to see Amazon waiting so long to deliver this much needed version of the popular Kindle e-books library. Time will tell, but I think this is going to be a real money maker for Amazon.

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