Amazon GameCircle Drives Engagement And Monetization In Kindle Fire Games

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Amazon introduced GameCircle in July of last year as a way to help developers easily add features like achievements, leaderboards and more into their Kindle Fire games. In a recent study, Amazon has found that GameCircle integration has proven to be most advantageous to developers.

Amazon conducted a study into GameCircle's engagement and monetization rates from November 2012 to January 2013. The three month period showed games that integrated GameCircle produced 38 percent higher conversion rates and 33 percent more in-app orders than games that didn't integrate GameCircle. When those stats are combined, Amazon says that GameCircle enabled games drive 83 percent more average revenue per user.

Game Circle Study

So, where's all this money coming from? Unsurprisingly, GameCircle has been kind to the free-to-play model where players can enjoy the game for free, but are offered in-app purchases. GameCircle's leaderboards encourage players to compete with friends in FTP games like Temple Run 2. Those players will also be encouraged to buy in-game items to better compete with friends. That's where part of the increased revenue comes from.

GameCircle also offers a robust discovery mechanisms which help drive engagement. These discovery mechanisms are visible from the user's game library, and include information on how many friends are playing each game, the number of achievements unlocked and leaderboard activity. This information encourages players to jump into games and compete with others.

As such, a separate study conducted in January found that 32 percent more players will open a game when it has this GameCircle enabled information on the games screen than those that do not. It once again into ties into the idea that FTP gamers are more likely to play your game, and spend money, when they're encouraged to compete with others.

For those thinking about building a Kindle Fire game, you might want to check out GameCircle. It has helped other developers be successful on the Kindle Fire, and it might just help you as well. Check out the documentation here to get started.