Amazon Discounts Hundreds Of PC Game Downloads


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When you think of digital game downloads and sales, what's the first thing that pops to your mind? Steam, right? Valve's digital content delivery service has proven again and again that if you put something on sale, people will buy it just because it's cheap. Everybody makes money and I'm stuck with a backlog of over 100 games that I have yet to play.

Well, Amazon is tired of Steam getting all the spotlight when it comes to massive PC sales. There's money to be had in PC gaming, darn it! You just have to put the games on sale and people will show up in droves to buy them, or at least that's the hope behind the latest promotion from Amazon called the "Game Downloads Spring Sale."

The sale features over 100 downloadable titles from recently released hits like Syndicate and The Darkness 2 to older gems like Metro 2033 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Let's take a look at some of these prices to see if they stack up to the Steam level of "Holy crap, that's cheap" sales.

Starting off, you can nab the excellent The Darkness 2 for only $12.49. The game is regularly $50 and still is that much on Steam. Rockstar's crime thriller L.A. Noire is only $5, which is absolutely ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, the Dragon Age pack which includes Dragon Age Origins - Ultimate Edition and Dragon Age 2 is available for only $9.99. You can't even get Dragon Age 2 on Steam.

If these game titles absolutely confound you and you just want to play some casual games, Amazon has you covered too. Running alongside the regular spring sale is the "Casual Game Downloads Spring Sale" which features over 300 casual games for you to download. Best part is that they're all only $2.99, which is a steal for great "casual" titles like World of Goo.

The Steam sale comparisons never end with this current promotion lasting until April 15. That's a full 10 days which leaves you plenty of time to make some money for a few purchases. Of course, Amazon does say they reserve the right to terminate the promotion at any time, but why would they do that?

If you still can't fathom spending money anywhere but Steam, you can just wait for their inevitable weeklong Steam sale that makes you forget you actually have to buy other things besides games. A spring break Steam sale might not be in the works for a while though due to the Valve team being on vacation in Hawaii.

Are you going to pick up any of the games in the sale? Or are you waiting for a Steam sale? Let us know in the comments