Amazon Debuts 14 Pilots, Wants Your Feedback

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Amazon Studios has just unveiled 14 new pilots for your viewing pleasure, and your feedback will determine which pilots are developed into something more.

Over on the Amazon Original Pilots page, you can find the pilots for 8 different comedy shows. Most of them have been announced and viewers have simply been waiting for the pilots to drop - this includes Zombieland, based on the film of the same name and Betas, a show about a Silicon Valley startup.

The full list of the comedy pilots is Alpha House, Betas, Browsers, Dark Minions, Onion News Empire, Supanatural, Those Who Can't, and Zombieland.

Amazon has also launched the pilots for 6 children's shows: Annebots, Creative Galaxy, Positively Ozitively, Sara Solves It, Teeny Tiny Dogs, and Tumbleaf.

All of the pilots are free to watch for people in the U.S. and the U.K. German LOVEFILM customers will get the pilots in a few weeks.

Amazon is also inviting viewers to rate and review the pilots, in an attempt to determine which ones should receive a full-series run. On the pilots page, Amazon links viewers to a survey where they can answer questions about any and all of the 14 pilots - "Overall, how would you rate the show" and "Based on what you've seen, would you watch future episodes" type questions.

Not all of these pilots will receive additional episodes - but the exact number that will is still undecided. Amazon Studios director Roy Price told The Verge:

"We don't have any particular number of shows in mind...We would like to see a few shows come out of the process. Seven would be a lot, but zero wouldn't be enough. So somewhere between there."

So, go watch, and go vote. Let's see if Amazon can draw up some good series out of this experiment.

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