Amazon Dash Buttons Are Basically Free Now

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Amazon’s Dash buttons, which let you push-to-buy a variety of household products, are clearly not a joke at this point. Amazon rolled them out to Prime customers about a month ago, at the price of $4.99 a piece.

Now, probably realizing that it seems a bit silly to make people spend money for the privilege of spending money, Amazon has decided to subsidize the cost of its Dash buttons.

Now, if you buy a Dash button for $4.99, you get $4.99 off your first purchase using said Dash button

So, Dash buttons are basically free now. Not exactly, but for all intents and purposes (you planned on buying that pack of paper towel anyway).

Amazon says it’s a “limited time offer,” but doesn’t offer any specifics.

When Dash buttons first launched to the public back in July, there were 18 total buttons for products like Bounty paper towels, Gatorade, SmartWater, Larabars, Gerber formula, Olay beauty products, Clorox wipes, Izze juice, Glad trash bags, and Kraft Mac & Cheese. Today, Amazon has also added 11 new buttons – including ones for Ice Breakers gum, Orbit gum, Greenies dog treats, and Dixie paper cups.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the Dash button, here’s Amazon’s explainer:

Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favorite item with the press of a button. To use Dash Button, simply download the Amazon App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then, sign into your Amazon Prime account, connect Dash Button to Wi-Fi, and select the product you want to reorder. Once connected, a single press on Dash Button automatically places your order. Amazon will send an order confirmation to your phone, so it's easy to cancel if you change your mind. Also, the Dash Button Order Protection doesn't allow a new order to be placed until the prior order ships, unless you allow multiple orders,” says Amazon.

So, if you really, really need to have an easy way to order multiple packs of gum – today’s your lucky day.

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