Amazon Adds Unity Plugins To Its Game Development Tools

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Mark my words - Unity is going to be the next big game engine that everybody uses. Unreal Engine is still going to be the go to development suite for big budget console and PC games, but more and more mobile developers will be turning to Unity for its ease of use and wide array of user created assets. The folks at Amazon obviously realize this, and are taking preemptive measures to make it easy for Unity developers to craft games for its platforms.

Amazon announced today that it has launched free Unity plugins for its In-App Purchasing and GameCircle APIs. Developers with Unity games on Kindle Fire devices will now be able to easily add these features to their games without having to write a lot of additional code.

“Unity is one of the most popular tools for building mobile games,” said Mike Frazzini, Director of Amazon Games. “Amazon’s In-App Purchasing and GameCircle APIs help developers reach more customers, keep them engaged, and make more money. Every week millions of customers are playing GameCircle enabled games and are able to compare scores and compete against friends. We want to make it as easy as possible for developers to quickly integrate these features and our new, free plugins make it incredibly simple to do so for anyone using Unity.”

Keith Sheperd, Founder and CEO of Imangi Studios, said that the GameCircle plugin for Unity was incredibly easy to integrate into their hit game Temple Run. He said that normally integrating GameCircle would have taken his team a few days, but the new plugins reduced the integration time to a few hours.

Developers building Unity games for Kindle devices will want to use these plugins. They're free and available to any developer that want them. You can grab the plugins over at Amazon's developer site. Now get out there and start crafting the next mobile masterpiece.

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