Amazon Acquires Double Helix Games

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It's no secret that Amazon wants to get into the video game business. The retailer has already made its own mobile game, and there are rumors that its building its own video game console for release later this year. Before that, however, it looks like Amazon is starting to build up its own talent pool through acquisitions.

TechCrunch reports that Amazon has purchased independent games developer Double Helix Games. The studio is known for making games based on existing licenses, like Silent Hill Homecoming, Front Mission Evolved and the reboot of Killer Instinct.

With this purchase, Amazon adds a pool of talented developers to its arsenal for whatever it has in store. The most likely scenario is the aforementioned game console which Amazon will need games for at launch. Instead of relying on independent developers to bring their wares to the new console, Amazon can now leverage the talent from its own group of developers and Double Helix to create compelling software for its hardware.

As for the gamers out there, it would appear that Amazon will support Double Helix as they wrap up development on their current obligations, like Strider and other unannounced games. While Amazon will continue to support their current projects, it will be interesting to see if the retailer allows them to take on new projects that are not directly related to Amazon's own gaming aspirations. Amazon could very well set a new standard in games development by allowing a studio they own to develop titles on platforms other than those owned by Amazon.

Of course, it's rather unlikely that this will be the case. Amazon, like any other game platform owner, wants to create compelling content that drives users to their platform. Amazon already has enough of a challenge convincing core gamers to pick up an Android-based console if it is indeed working on one, and compelling software from Double Helix could be just what it needs to bring in sales.

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