Amazing Race Finale Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

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For many, the popular reality show "Amazing Race" is an escape, a chance to live vicariously through several couples who get to travel the world in a race to a million-dollar finish line. But the upcoming finale, which airs tonight, will have viewers on the edges of their collective seats.

Apparently, one of the couples makes it to the finish line in Hawaii and is actually turned away because of a mistake made earlier in the race; they are given a chance to fix it, but the question is, can they do it in time?

While there have been teams in the past who were penalized because of not completing a task properly, host Phil Keoghan says it's never happened right at the finish line, which made for a nerve-wracking end to the 20th season of the show.

"We were shocked as the viewers are gonna be," Keoghan said. "We were like, 'What just happened?' ... I couldn't believe it happened. Never have we had to tell the team that comes in first that they didn't win the $1 million. But it's good to know we can still have firsts 20 seasons in!"

The finale starts off in Japan, where one team will be eliminated before the rest make their way to Hawaii.

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