Amazing Origami Art: Dragons And Jedis And Ironman, Oh My!

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For me (an artist), interesting art comes in many forms, whether it's slapped onto a canvas in a seemingly haphazard way or consists of thousands of intricate folds of paper. The vision required for the former and the patience required for the latter fascinate me, as I have had to learn them both over the years and still don't count them among my best attributes.

The art of paper folding is ancient, rooted in Japanese culture and made famous by artist Akira Yoshizawa, who took basic animal shapes to a whole new level. As an art form, origami has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and some of the coolest pieces are related to pop culture. Artist Phillip West is particularly skilled when it comes to the ways of the Jedi, folding this one from a single uncut square of paper.


Yoda is made from sandpaper backing and tissue paper.


Satoshi Kamiya created this dragon from tissue paper.


Ironman design by Brian Chan, made from an uncut piece of paper.


This sweet werewolf was done using golden foil by artist Guspath.


There are plenty of sites that give step-by-step instructions on how to make origami art, including some for kids, but beware: it takes plenty of patience and paper to make the creation you want.

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