Amanda Knox Interrogation Tapes Released


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Amanda Knox, the exchange student who was accused of murdering Meredith Kercher, has consistently been in the press since 2007, after police first learned about the now infamous murder. Knox also received tons of press after she was acquitted back in 2011.

And according to Stephanie Kercher, Meredith's sister, all of the media coverage that Knox has been getting has taken away attention from the actual victim, she said. And she wishes there were more news reports that solely focused on her sister and not the trial.

"Mez has been forgotten in all of this," said Stephanie, in a documentary about the case entitled Is Amanda Knox Guilty?

"The media photos aren't really of her....There's not a lot about what actually happened in the beginning, so it is very difficult to keep her memory alive in all of this."

The documentary also shows police recordings where Knox explains why she lied about Patrick Lumumba being involved, even though he was nowhere near the actual scene. Lumumba was a local business owner and Knox said she was scared and told police what they wanted to hear.

"I was innocent and they were telling me I was guilty," she explained. "I was stressed. I was scared. I couldn't understand why they were telling me I was lying.

In addition, Knox says that police convinced her that Lumumba was in the house when the murder occurred, and after being interrogated for several hours, she thought their version of what happened might be factual.

"In that moment I said Patrick's name," she said. "I thought it could be true."

Also in the documentary, Stephanie talks about the last few moments she spent with Meredith before she left for Italy.

"We were just talking on the sofa and having a little cuddle of goodbye and I just remember her suddenly crying and saying that she was going to be sad to go but she was excited to come and I remember being quite taken aback and I thought, 'Don't make me sad. I'll miss you but you'll go and have fun,'" she said."

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