Amanda Knox House: Selling Price Reduced

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“The owner of the property really wants to sell the house. But it has not been easy to find potential buyers who are willing to overlook the fact that a brutal murder took place there.”

The villa in Perugia, Italy where American Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend were accused of killing her roomate, British student Meredith Kercher, has been up for sale since 2013. However, the owner, retiree Aldalia Tallanelli, has now reduced the price by $100,000.

A source told RadarOnline, "The owner is adamant that everything possible be done to discourage anyone in the realtor's office from saying a word about the murder, even though it is next to impossible to hide that fact. The owner hates the negative association her property has with the Meredith connection and really just wants to be free of the place now."

Six years after Kercher was found dead in her bedroom, partially nude, with more than 40 stab wounds to her neck, eight new tenants living in the home almost were killed when a carbon monoxide leak nearly poisoned them in their sleep. This is when Tallanelli decided to sell.

To exclude the macabre curiosity seekers, the realtors at Tecnocasa real estate agency require that any potential buyers make an appointment and come to the sales office in person for even general information.

The 10-room villa, marked in "outstanding condition," sits on 5,000 square meters of land and has parking for seven vehicles. It is now selling for $520,000.

Prosecutors say that Kercher was held down and stabbed after she rejected attempts by Knox, Sollecito, and another man to involve her in a sex game. However, Knox still stands by her innocence.

"I must repeat to you. I'm innocent. I did not rape, I did not steal ... I did not kill Meredith," she wrote in an e-mail to her lawyer in December.

In February 2012, Knox signed a book deal with HarperCollins reportedly worth $4 million. The book, Waiting to be Heard, was released in April 2013.

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