Amanda Knox: Boyfriend Questions Her Behavior

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Could it be that Raffaele Sollecito is merely covering his proverbial butt, or could he finally be coming clean about the peculiar actions of his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Knox?

Sollecito has said to many news outlets that he has unanswered questions about Amanda Knox's behavior after the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007.

When he was interviewed on Italian television, Sollecito commented that Knox left his apartment the morning before Kercher's body was found, and later when she returned, she seemed 'very agitated'. He recalls that she mentioned that her front door had been broken into and that she had found spots of blood in the bathroom.

'Certainly I asked her questions,' Sollecito said in the interview, 'Why did you take a shower?

When the interviewer asked him what answers he had to his questions, he said, "I don't have answers."

In an email Sollecito sent to Knox which she posted on her blog earlier this month, he wrote: “I don't want to be punished for, nor have to continue to justify, those things that regard you and not me.”

He continued, 'Obviously the evidence demonstrates both of our innocence, but it seems that for the judges and the people this objectivity is of no importance.'

NBC’s legal analyst Lisa Bloom said: “I think he's distancing himself from her. He's saying that there is some evidence that may apply to her, which doesn't apply to him.”

Knox and Sollecito were both brought back into court about the murder in January, when an Italian appeals court reconvicted both of them for murdering Knox's former roommate Kercher - a ruling they are again appealing.

"I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict," Knox wrote after the ruling.

"Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system."

Both Sollecito and Knox were originally sentenced to 25 and 28 years in prison, for the murder of Kercher in Perugia and served four years before being released in 2011.

When released, due to insufficient and mishandled evidence, Knox went back to her home in Seattle, Washington and when the case went into retrial she refused to return to Italy.

Knox is denying that Sollecito is trying to distance himself from her, as she wrote in her blog, 'This is not the case. Actually, Attorney Bongiorno’s closing arguments and Raffaele’s latest statements pinpoint and attack a fundamental weakness in the prosecution’s case against both Raffaele and me that has been ignored for far too long: Raffaele is not a slave.'

Further: 'Raffaele has plenty of reason for resentment, but not against me. The only reason he has been dragged into this is because he happens to be my alibi.'

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