Amanda Bynes Said to Be Doing Well Off Meds and Posts Christmas Selfie With a New Look

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Amanda Bynes is said to be doing well off meds and has gone brunette for the holidays.

The actress posted a Twitter selfie on Christmas donning a new brunette look and is reportedly acting completely "normal" despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar syndrome.

Insiders told TMZ that her family finds it “mind blowing” that she is able to function without her meds and has even allowed her limited access to her bank accounts once again.

According to the website, Bynes is spending her time reading, doing yoga and Pilates, and meditatating, which doctors say are important for relieving stress in patients diagnosed with mental disorders.

In November, Bynes was released from a psychiatric facility where she had been getting treatment. Following her release, she was spotted wandering around Hollywood acting very strange and seemingly out of touch with reality. Several Twitter rants seemed to confirm she was not doing well.

Other recent reports also confirm that Bynes is doing much better than just a few short weeks ago.

TMZ reports that the actress made a recent trip to the University of Southern California with the hopes of enrolling as a psych major in the near future.

Of course, just because she seems to be doing well right now does not mean Bynes is out of the woods just yet. Doctors have warned Bynes’ family that a relapse could occur at any time.

Friends reportedly believe Bynes should enjoy these stable periods as much as possible.

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