Amanda Bynes On The Road To Normalcy?

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Amanda Bynes just might be on her way to being normal again.

The 28-year-old troubled starlet had it really rough last year. Amanda Bynes accused her father of molesting her, threatened to murder him, and was caught wandering around aimlessly and weirdly several times.

Amanda Bynes, however, got some good news. Sort of.

During a closed discussion on Tuesday, a Ventura County, California judge extended Amanda Bynes' conservatorship order, which gave her parent's control over her finances and medications, until a June court date.

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The good news is, Amanda Bynes' DUI charge from back in September was dismissed. She was facing probation violation charges.

Amanda Bynes is said to be doing much better.

A family source revealed, "Amanda is doing much better from where she was months ago. She has her own apartment and is much happier. She and her parents are getting along and Amanda is clear-headed, more focused and has more independence."

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That is a far cry from Amanda Bynes' mental state back in November, during which she said in an audio recording, "If your father was my father ā€¦ then you would understand why you'd want to slit his wrists ā€¦ I haven't decided how I want to murder him ā€¦ I don't believe in murder ā€¦ He literally like is the worst person ā€¦ Nothing would give me greater pleasure than like slitting his throat. That is what I would love to do."

The audio continued, "So like I'm not gonna like ever do such a thing, but like I call my mom and like I threaten to kill her, and I threaten to slit her wrist, and I threaten to like burn down her house and like I said a bunch of sā€“ā€“ā€“ like that."

Hopefully, Amanda Bynes will have a chance to get her life together and live like a normal young lady.

Do you think Amanda Bynes can get it together?

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