Amanda Bynes' Judge: Stop Driving!

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Though it may seem like common sense, a judge was forced to tell Amanda Bynes to stop driving around on a suspended license yesterday.

The 26-year old actress has been in some hot water recently with several auto-related accidents in and around L.A., where she was allegedly involved in two hit-and-runs (one with a police officer) earlier this year, one of which was under the suspicion of drugs or alcohol. Last weekend, Bynes was pulled over for driving around at night with no headlights, although for some reason the cops didn't bother to run her name to see if her license was valid or not. She was let go with a warning on that one.

But her celebrity status has ensured that every time she gets behind the wheel, a camera is somewhere documenting it, so even if she doesn't sideswipe a car or get pulled over, the judge is bound to find out about it. As of right now she's facing a year of jail time and a bundle of fines for the two hit-and-run charges, for which she'll be arraigned September 27th.

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