Amanda Bynes Insults RuPaul, Claims to Have Gotten Another Nose Job


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For months before her arrest, former child actress Amanda Bynes had been using her Twitter account to lash out at her critics, not to mention show off her experiments with makeup and hair. Just days ago, Bynes was arrested and charged for marijuana possession and allegedly throwing a bong out of the window of her apartment window. The incident all but confirmed that her strange behavior in social media is a reflection of how she's currently living her life.

Bynes' run-in with the law hasn't curbed her Twitter habits, however. Bynes this weekend tweeted out an insult to both her father and drag queen RuPaul. She also claims to have had a follow-up nose job in addition to the one she had earlier this year:

RuPaul replied to Bynes' insult, taking the high road with subtle criticism of Bynes' character:

The former Nickelodeon star also tweeted another comment about her recent charges, which she seems confident will be dismissed:

The DA and my lawyer talked today. They have no proof of drugs on me or around me at anytime during the arrest of after. All I'm becoming is more famous! Thanks for lying about me!