Amanda Bynes Hospitalized On Involuntary Psych Hold Parents Arranged

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Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

The actress was hospitalized in Los Angeles on Friday after having a very difficult week, with reports surfacing of bizarre behavior, TMZ reports. Bynes’ hospitalization came less than 24 hours after she posted a Twitter rant against her father, Rick Bynes — which she later retracted — claiming he had sexually, physically and verbally abused her.

According to TMZ, doctors placed Bynes on a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours, which can be extended for two weeks.

The website also reports that placing the 28-year-old under another conservatorship is also a priority. Bynes lived with her parents until a court-ordered conservatorship ran out last month and may have something to do with her recent relapse into devastating behaviors associated with mental illness.

Apparently Bynes' parents made arrangements to hospitalize their daughter soon after landing at LAX Airport. Bynes allegedly believed she would be driven by a car service to The London Hotel to meet her parents and their lawyer. Instead, she was brought to a Pasadena, California, hospital.

While the actress was in New York, she allegedly stole a $200 hat from Barneys department store and acted erratically in several other boutiques. She also went on multiple Twitter rants.

In July 2013, Bynes was hospitalized on a 5150 psychiatric hold after allegedly setting fire in an elderly woman’s driveway.

Things seemed to be looking up for Bynes in recent months until this most recent relapse.

Let's hope Bynes gets the help she needs and deserves.

Pam Wright