Amanda Bynes Gets Probation For Driving Charges


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Amanda Bynes is now on probation.

According to a TMZ report, Bynes plead no contest to a charge of driving on a suspended license and received three years probation. She has also received a $300 fine for the offense.

The sentencing was the culmination of an entire year of driving-related offenses from the former Nickelodeon child actress. Her legal troubles began in March 2012, when she was cited for talking on her phone while driving. She followed that up with a D.U.I charge in April after rear-ending a police car in L.A. Later that year, Bynes was charged for two separate hit-and-run incidents and had her license revoked. She was caught driving on her suspended license just weeks later, the offense for which she is now on probation.

Bynes' legal and personal troubles led to her representatives dropping her, with one of them calling her "uncontrollable."

Since that time, Bynes has moved to New York on her own and is pursuing a career in fashion. She has been using her Twitter feed for self-promotion, tweeting out bizarre experiments with hair and makeup. Bynes even went so far as to tweet out topless pics of herself last week.