Amanda Bynes Currently Under Psychiatric Hold

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Amanda Bynes has been placed under psychiatric hold after acting bizarre, paranoid and erratic for the last few weeks. Last year Bynes was arrested and ordered to go to rehab. She was released from rehab in December into the care of her parents and had been making great progress.

She was photographed with her parents often after her release from rehab and appeared to be happy and healthy. She also enrolled in fashion school a few months after her release and seemed excited about attending school.

A few weeks ago Bynes was kicked out of school for acting strange and behaving badly. One of her classmates claimed that she would talk to herself and out loud when she shouldn't, laugh randomly, interrupt class constantly and was even caught cheating on a test and trying to pay other students to do her homework and class assignments.

A short time after Bynes was kicked out of school she was pulled over and arrested for DUI. After being released on bail she disappeared for a few days and showed up in NYC acting paranoid and erratic.

Bynes' parents were worried about the condition of their daughter but confirmed that she is now safe in a California hospital where she is being held until doctors and psychiatrists can determine what is causing her strange behavior.

Bynes arrived back in LA by flight on Friday and was picked up by a chauffer who she believed was taking her to her attorney's office. Instead she was driven to a Pasadena treatment center where she still remains.

As unfortunate as it is that Bynes has to be held in the hospital, a source told People that her parents are just happy she is safe and being cared for properly.

"They're happy she's safe and that Amanda is finally getting some help," the source said.

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