Already Have An App? Integrate Drive With Some Advice From Google

Developer & Design

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Google I/O has some of the best developer presentations around. If you were unable to catch some of the presentations, you really missed out. Good thing Google has recorded every single session and posted them on YouTube for the world to see.

One of the previous sessions featured tips on how to build Google Drive apps. It was a beginner course of sorts for those who want to take full advantage of Google's new cloud storage/cooperation platform. What if you're not a beginner though? What if you already have an app and you just want to integrate Drive into the experience? Google has a session for you.

As you can see, the above session is not about building apps for Drive. It's about implementing Drive into your already established app. I'm sure some of the developers out there have some fantastic apps that could benefit from the real time work environment and collaboration that's provided by Google Drive.

As a bonus, the session will show you how to best sell your app on the Chrome Web Store. If you weren't aware, developers can now publish projects built with Apps Script to the Chrome Web Store straight from Drive. Google takes care of all the packaging for you. You just have to make the best storefront you can to drive people to your app.

Google I/O still has plenty of great videos for developers to check out and learn from. There's a litte something for everyone and we'll be sure to bring you the best content from the conference.