Aliens: Colonial Marines "Escape" Multiplayer Mode Revealed [Video]

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Gearbox may be gearing up for the launch of the great-looking Borderlands 2, but the studio still has other projects in the works. One of those projects, Aliens: Colonial Marines, looks to bring the Aliens franchise to a respectable place in gaming. With the possible exception of Alien 3 on the Super Nintendo, most Aliens games have been mediocre at best. Gearbox is looking to change that with what looks to be an exciting, action-oriented sci-fi horror game. The fact that is has been delayed to February shouldn't hamper most Aliens fans.

One of the factors that Aliens games have consistently failed to capture is just how smart the Xenomorphs seem to be in the movies. Part of this was the past limits to game AI technology, but implementing unfeeling vilians who are resourceful and cunning is no easy task, even today. To solve this dilemma, it appears Gearbox will do the next best thing: they will let the players be Aliens.

Sega and Gearbox announced today that a multiplayer mode called "Escape" will be part of Aliens: Colonial Marines. The mode is a competitive 4 on 4 match in which marines battle their way across a map while being hampered or killed off by the Xenomorph team. It sounds a bit like the zombie multiplayer modes in other games, but without dying players turning to zombies.

Gamespot was able to get a sneak peek at the trailer for the newly-announced multiplayer mode, which you can see below.

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