Alien: Isolation Will Make Sound The Enemy


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Since Aliens, being quiet around xenomorphs hasn't really been the best idea. Space marines got it in their heads that the best course of action was to storm into a room and unload dozens of bullets into the bugs. With Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly is dialing it all back to the first Alien film where silence was golden.

In a new developer video shared with GameSpot, Creative Assembly discusses the lengths they went through to make Alien: Isolation sound like the first film. For starters, they put together an orchestra that included members who played on the first film's score and created a new score that closely mimics that of the original film. They also gained access to the original film's sound recordings and recreated those sounds from scratch, including a sound that's created from stepping on vegetables.

All of this will come together to form the core gameplay for Alien: Isolation where sound is king. If players can see the xenomorph, it's too late for them. Instead, they will have to listen to cues from the environment to find out where it's coming from and hide in an appropriate place. From there, any sound can trigger a reaction so it's not too brazen to assume that players will be able to throw stuff down a corridor to distract the xenomorph while they make a run for it.

So far, Alien: Isolation has been everything the Alien fan has wanted. With the betrayal of Aliens: Colonial Marines still fresh in memory, it's going to take a bit more to make fans concede to Alien: Isolation wholeheartedly. We're getting there though and developer videos like this really help sell Creative Assembly's vision for a proper Alien game that finally captures what made the first film so special.

Alien: Isolation will be out on October 7 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Image via GameSpot/YouTube