Alicia Vikander Called 'Force of Nature' By 'Danish Girl' Co-Star Eddie Redmayne

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Alicia Vikander has probably been called many things, but it was her Danish Girl co-star Eddie Redmayne who may have captured her true nature.

The Oscar-winning actor said in a behind-the-scenes clip for the film that he credits Vikander, 27, for taking his performance to the next level.

"She's a force of nature," he said. "She's just the most extraordinary talent. She has this deep, visceral relationship with her emotions. She challenged me to step up my game continuously.

Both Vikander and Redmayne have received high accolades for their respective roles in the film about a transgender woman who undergoes a sex-reassignment surgery and both have received Oscar nods for their emotional performances.

Based on a true story, The Danish Girl tells the story of Lili, an artist torn by the societal norms and restrictions of the early 20th century while trying to transition from male to female."

Vikander, who plays Lili's wife Gerda, told People magazine that she was drawn to the courage exemplified by the characters.

"I was always just touched by the very, extremely, complex, difficult journey that they go on," she said. "To be able to work so closely with Eddie and Tom [Hopper] was quite extraordinary."

Vikander took home a Screen Actors Guild Award for her turn in Ex Machina and is considered a frontrunner to go home with an Oscar for The Danish Girl on Sunday night.

The Danish Girl is available for digital download and arrives on Blu-ray/DVD March 1.

Pam Wright