Ali Fedotowsky And Katherine Heigl Rescue Stray Dogs In Sochi

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For the past few months, Russia’s government has been working hard at getting rid of hundreds of stray dogs to prepare for the Olympics. Now, it seems as if more stray dogs in Sochi will find good homes in America. After the Olympic Games, some U.S. athletes took home stray dogs that they have gotten to love during their stay in Sochi.

Ali Fedotowsky, former Bachelorette and E! News Correspondent for the Olympics, has also adopted two stray puppies from Sochi. Ali is working together with actress Katherine Heigl to find homes for the beloved pups that she has decided to rescue.

Katherine, together with her mother Nancy, patiently waited at the Los Angeles International Airport for Ali to arrive with the two puppies in tow. Ali named one puppy Sochi, and the other, Adler, after a town in Russia located near Sochi. According to Ali, Sochi the dog was not so energetic during the flight and fell a bit sick. The puppy had been throwing up and had not had anything to eat for 15 hours.

Sochi and Adler will be staying with Katherine and her mother until they have found a loving home for the pups. Katherine is an animal lover and has seven dogs. She is also the co-founder of a shelter called Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, named after her brother who died in 1986.

Katherine says that this particular rescue was new for her, as it is the first time that they are rescuing a puppy from a different country.

Both puppies have already had their first checkup. Adler was treated for coughing, while Sochi has been diagnosed with parvo or canine parvovirus, and will be receiving the appropriate treatment. Both puppies will be quarantined for about two weeks to a month before they can go up for adoption.

Ali Fedotowsky And Katherine Heigl Play With Puppies

Image via Ali FedotowskyTwitter

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