Alexis Bledel And Katherine Heigl Need Money

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Unless you haven't noticed yet, actress Katherine Heigl's career has taken a big dip over the last few years.

Ever since being on the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy, Heigl went from a TV star to a movie star, and became a major leading lady.

But rumors of Heigl being difficult to work with and having a mom-manager who rubbed people the wrong way hurt the 35-year old actress, and now you can see her in commercials, like the one for ZzzQuil. It's certainly been a long fall for Heigl since her Knocked Up days, that's for sure.

Well now, the blonde beauty is going the independent movie route and starring in a new film with Alexis Bledel, of Gilmore Girls fame, but in order for the film to be released it's going to require more money, so the makers of the film went on IndieGogo to ask for additional funds.

The film is called Jenny's Wedding, and it's about two women who are in love but have to battle their respective families, and the director says she needs more money to complete post-production.

"The money we raise will allow us to elevate our post-production to the highest level," the crowdfunding site reads.

"We shot a beautiful movie. We'd like to keep post-production to that same standard. Many wonderful indie movies disappear because the quality of work in post-production fails them. The money raised will go towards post-production costs, such as editing, color correction, ADR, sound mixing, etc., hiring a music supervisor and licensing music, hiring a composer and film festival expenses."

But will people really give away their hard earned dollars to support Heigl's film? Or will they turn their back on her, because it seems she's rubbed much of the viewing audience the wrong way too. It'll definitely be interesting to see if Heigl can work her way out of the professional rut she's in. Time will tell.

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