Alex Trebek Sets Record, Says He Isn't Retiring

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Alex Trebek set a Guinness World Record on Friday for the most game show episodes hosted by a single presenter, but he says that all those episodes don't mean he's ready to go anywhere anytime soon.

Trebek is actually the second host of Jeopardy!--Art Fleming was the original in the '60s and '70s--and has hosted 6,829 episodes of the popular game show. In 30 seasons, Trebek as never missed an episode other than the one he traded for April Fool's Day with Pat Sajak.

"It's an honor to hold the Guinness World Record for hosting 'Jeopardy!,' which I've often said is the best of reality TV," Trebek said.

"This is special in the fact that it means I've been around for a long time. I have a couple of walls now that are dedicated to certificates, awards and all kinds of important photos —significant photos — from my career that I look at every once in a while ... This one will go up alongside the others," Trebek said.

The host also addressed the rumors that he's close to retirement, saying he has only said he's given it some thought. And, he says, when he does decide to take his leave, he won't make a big deal about it.

"Everybody's speculating on my retirement, and I don't know why. It's silly. Somebody asked me if I've given any thoughts to retiring. Well, yes, I've given thoughts to retiring.... Everybody assumes from my having said that, that he's retiring. Well, no. I've been thinking about it. So allow me to think about it. There won't be any fanfare. It'll be like the time I shaved my mustache on a whim. I'll just ask the director to leave me 20 or 30 seconds at the end of the program to say a few words and I'll say a few words and thank people and be on my way," he said.

Of course, some of us are still hoping there will be a real-life Trebek/Connery showdown before he retires.

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