Alex Karras Dies at 77, NFL Defensive Tackle

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If you are a fan of classic 1960s and 1970s football, I am sure you are aware of who Alex Karras was. Alex Karras was a well-known NFL player for the Detroit Lions, who unfortunately passed away today (October 10th, 2012).

In 1958, Karras (from Gary, Indiana) joined the NFL and was drafted to the Detroit Lions, taking the position of "Defensive Tackle." During his career with the Lions from 1958-1970, he became known as one of the NFL's talented linesman, which helped give the Detroit Lions an edge in their game.

After Karras' NFL career, he got involved with acting. Below, I have provided some of Karras' most well-known roles during his acting career (1969-1998):

  • "Mongo" in Blazing Saddles (1974)
  • "Mr. Hollenbeck" in Mulligan's Stew (1977)
  • "Hans Brumbaugh" in Centennial (1978-1979)
  • "George Papadapolis" in Webster (1983-1989)
  • "Caparulo" in The Street Corner Kids: The Sequel (1995)

Along with Karras' acting career, from 1974-1976, he was also a broadcaster on ABC's Monday Night Football show as a replacement for Fred Williamson.

Yesterday, it was reported that Alex Karras only had a few days to live due to extensive kidney failure and dementia. Alex Karras has now passed away on October 10th, 2012, at the age of 77 due to these causes. Many fans of Karras have left their respects via Twitter:

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