After 40 Million Downloads, IMDb's Apps Get a Major Overhaul

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IMDb, most people's go-to place to resolve any movie or TV-related trivia beefs, today announced that their iOS and Android apps have been downloaded a whopping 40 million times.

With the announcement of that milestone, IMDb has also updated their iOS and Android apps to include a slew of new features, including a major push toward social interaction.

Today, IMDb ushers in the age of the check-in, incorporating a Get Glue-type feature where users can log their media-viewing activity. Those check-ins are tied to Facebook and Twitter, so you can let your friends know exactly what you're watching and why they should be watching it as well.

Along with those social features comes access to the IMDb message boards where you can sound off about your favorite films, TV episodes, and troll the depths to your heart's desire.

imdb app update

Here are some other improvements that come in version 2.7 (iOS):

  • Filming Locations & Soundtracks: find even more IMDb data to satisfy your curiosity
  • More Like This: discover new movies and shows while you browse
  • Watchlist: tap the plus sign on posters to build your Watchlist
  • TV shows: easily dive into each season, and tap 'previous' and 'next' to browse through episodes
  • Your History: long-press on the Back button from any page to access pages you've recently viewed

“Today’s announcement reflects growing customer demand for discovery, personalization and social functionality on their favorite mobile apps,” said Col Needham, IMDb’s founder and CEO. “Given that’s message boards generate more than 2.5 billion page views annually, it’s no surprise that mobile-optimized message boards were our #1 customer request. Beginning today, more than 40 million movie, TV and celebrity fans -- and counting -- will enjoy mobile message boards, check-ins, similarities and more when using IMDb’s apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.”

Android users get a few bonus updates as well, including the ability to log in via their Amazon accounts and better personalized recommendations.

For movie fans, an indispensable app just got better.

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