AdWords Now Lets You Do More With Auction Insights

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Google has added some new functionality to the Auction insights report in AdWords. Now, in addition to running the report for a single keyword, you can run it for groups of keywords, individual or multiple ad groups or individual or multiple campaigns.

"The Auction insights report gives you valuable insight into how your ad performance compares with that of other advertisers," says AdWords product manager Dan Friedman. "For example, based on the impressions you’re eligible for, you can see how often your competitors’ ads are appearing above yours or whether one of your competitors has a higher impression share than you on an important keyword. Before today, you could only get this data one keyword at a time - making it hard to see the bigger picture of where you stand relative to your top competitors."

Auction Insights

For groups of keywords, just filter your keyword list, select the ones you want to include, and run the report.

"You’ve probably already arranged your keywords into meaningful groupings within ad groups," says Friedman. "For example, if you sell men’s wear, you may have an ad group for 'Father’s Day gifts' with keywords all about Father’s Day. Now, from the ad groups tab, you can select one or more ad groups to run an Auction insights report. This will show you how your performance on all eligible keywords within those ad groups compares to advertisers who most commonly compete with you on those terms."

In scenarios where you want to run the report for individual or multiple campaigns, select the campaigns from the campaigns tab and so so.

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