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AdWords Campaign Experiments and Trademark Policy Changes

Google has announced that it is rolling out AdWords Campaign Experiments to all U.S. a...
AdWords Campaign Experiments and Trademark Policy Changes
Written by Chris Crum
  • Google has announced that it is rolling out AdWords Campaign Experiments to all U.S. advertisers. This is a free tool that the company says makes it easier to test and measure the impact of changes to keywords, bids, ad groups, and placements.

    "Over the last two months, advertisers in our beta have reported that ACE has helped them feel more confident in the impact of their campaign changes, making it easier and less risky to try different strategies and optimize more frequently," says Helen Schindler of Google’s Inside AdWords Crew. "Without ACE, you might evaluate optimizations by comparing key metrics before and 2-4 weeks after making campaign changes. Differences in those key metrics are assumed to be the result of the changes. But fluctuations in demand, shifts in competitor tactics, and even changes in the weather can complicate things."

    "With ACE, experimental campaigns run side-by-side with the original campaign in a simultaneous split test," she continues. "This approach lets you run shorter tests that start and stop whenever you like, with less concern about your results being affected by seasonality or other factors. You get more precise impact estimates and more chances throughout the year to test and improve performance."

    More on AdWords Campaign Experiments can be found here.

    Updated Policy

    In Canada, the UK, and Ireland, Google will extend The changes let some advertisers use third party trademarks in their ad text even if they don’t own them or have explicit approval from the trademark owners to use them. This applies to resellers and sellers of component, replacement, or compatible parts corresponding to the trademarks displayed. The changes also apply to informational sites.

    Google is also updating its policy to enable advertisers across Europe to select trademarks as keywords. These policy changes will go into effect starting September 14.

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