AdWords Android App Gets More Useful

Last year, Google finally launched an AdWords mobile app. While it only came to iOS last month, it’s been around for Android since March.

While the app has no doubt proven to be incredibly helpful for many advertisers, it has still been missing some things. On Friday, Google announced that the Android app now includes universal app campaigns and new conversion columns.

In a Google+ post, Google explains:

If you’re promoting your app, you can can get a quick snapshot of how your universal app campaigns are performing by viewing metrics like downloads and average cost-per-install, and make adjustments to daily budget or target cost-per-install.

With new conversion columns, you can check on how well your campaigns are achieving your business goals by monitoring metrics for total conversion value and conversion value per cost — while on the go.

The app can be found in Google Play of course, and the new iOS app is in the App Store.

Images via Google