Adolf Hitler Was A Junkie, Used Painkillers 24 Times A Day According To New Documentary

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Hard evidences have been uncovered pointing to Adolf Hitler’s dependence and addiction to drugs.

According to a new TV documentary Hitler the Junkie which premiered on Foxtel on Wednesday, the villainous leader had regularly consumed a cocktail of different drugs including tranquilizers, morphine and crystal meth.

During his reign as the Third Reich, Hitler’s followers who worshiped him like a god believed him to possess superhuman strength. However, recent reports exposed that Hitler was a nervous wreck who required a constant dose of morphine.

The documentary dissects Hitler’s declassified documents to examine if use of drugs had caused Hitler’s neurotic leadership. Records and letters obtained from Hitler’s personal physician, Dr. Theodore Morell, played a vital role in proving that the dictator was indeed a drug addict.

Hitler was reportedly addicted to Eukodal, a morphine-based painkiller which he used 24 times a day. The documentary also uncovered Hitler’s excessive use of Pervitin, an early form of crystal meth.

Dr. Morell started treating Hitler of his ailments in 1936. His assignment had been quite peculiar given that the physician did not seem committed to the Nazi cause.

According to Professor Sir Richard Evans of Cambridge University, Dr, Morell “showed no genuine interest in politics and was not a suitable person to be in the entourage of Hitler because he was simply not ideological.”

“Eva Braun, Hitler’s partner, complained to Hitler about Morell’s body odor and Hitler said, ‘I don’t employ Dr. Morell for his fragrance, I employ him to treat me medically.’”

Hitler received a collection of over 70 addictive narcotics, homemade drugs and uncanny alternative medication from Morell throughout the Second World War. Morell even used leeches to treat the leader of stress. When the leeches fail, Morell started giving Hitler shots of animal tranquilizers to put him to sleep.

In a journal entry, Morell wrote, “20th of August 1941: Hitler was jittery, his hands were shaking and he was dazed. I gave him dessert spoon of Brom-Nervacit and after that he slept fine.”

The documentary will replay on Tuesday 7 April 2015 at 1:00PM on National Geographic Channel.

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