Adobe Tapping Experience to Empower Enterprise Marketers

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With the inspirational mantra "Make Experience Your Business" and the goal of reshaping digital marketing for enterprises, Adobe announced the launch of their re-invented marketing cloud Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe Summit 2017 this week.

"At Adobe, we make digital memorable, and today at Adobe Summit, we planted the flag for the next generation of innovation in experiences with our announcement of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Together with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe provides enterprises everything they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences."

"Adobe Experience Cloud" will bring together the company's current marketing, advertising, analytics services into a package that the company says is broadly applicable across many segments of technology buyers.

"Four or five years ago, the chief marketing officer was underserved," Brad Rencher, Executive VP and GM of Digital Marketing Adobe, recently told Fortune. "What's happened since then is the principles of digital marketing, the need for real-time action, for data, for great content, for personalization for mobile apps in the store and in the car has gone way beyond the marketing department."

Back then, the need to create content and get it to the right people in a timely fashion via the right channel was something that maybe 30% of a company's execs had to worry about. Now that percentage is more like 90%, said Rencher. That means the sort of software Adobe offers, like its Analytics Cloud for gauging interest in web content, could be used across many departments. Analytics Cloud is based on Adobe's $1.8 billion acquisition of Omniture in 2009.

By integrating all of Adobe's Marketing tools and solutions in the Marketing, Analytics, and Advertising Clouds, with Creative and Document Clouds, Adobe's Experience Cloud aims to help enterprises be much better "experience businesses".

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