Adele Dazeem Inspires a Travoltify Name Generator


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The Oscars was filled with plenty of memorable moments, everything from a random pizza guy to Lupita Nyong'o's heart filled speech. However, none of these moments have received the same success as Adele Dazeem. Adele Dazeem became a star overnight or-more accurately-in the span of a few minutes. The internet buzzed about this wickedly talented, one and only singing sensation. The only catch is that she doesn’t exist.

During the 2014 Academy awards ceremony, John Travolta introduced Wicked star and “Let it Go” singer Idina Menzel by calling her the wrong name. The internet blew up discussing Adele Dazeem. This blunder fascinated many people because Travolta’s pronunciation wasn’t even close to Menzel’s actual name, and he said it confidently. It even made some Oscar watchers wonder if Menzel wasn’t singing tonight, but replaced by some new artist.

We sympathize with Travolta, because no one knows exactly what happened to cause this mistake. It could have been Travolta’s fault, or a huge production error. Whatever the real story behind the blunder, the internet won’t let it go.

First there was the fake Twitter account based on Dazeem, and now Slate created a name generator inspired by Adele Dazeem. People who want their name Travoltified simple enter their first and last name, and then let the magic happen. Sometimes the only thing that matches a person’s real name and their Travolta name is the first letter, sometimes not even that. People are bonding over what crazy names that the Adele Dazeem name generator creates. Some celebrities even got in on the fun.




But the best response to the whole thing belongs to the real fake Adele Dazeem's Tweet.

Image via Wikimedia Commons