Add Your Foursquare Check-ins to Google Calendar

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If you're a world traveler, or simply someone who tends to have a few too many drinks while out on the town, it's hard to remember all the places you've been. If you want an easy, hands-free way to log all of your past stops, Foursquare wants to help.

Today, Foursquare is announcing that you can now import all of your Foursquare check-in data directly to Google Calendar. All you have to do it go to, log in, and click the "add my check-in history to my Google Calendar" link.

Of course, you can always check your Foursquare history to access every check-in you've ever made, but adding your check-ins to Google Calendar means that they will update automatically. if you're a Google Calendar user, this link-up is really a no-brainer.

Foursquare reminds us that it's probably not a wise idea to share your specific feeds with anyone, since they do contain your entire Foursquare check-in history (private check-ins and all).

Josh Wolford
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