Add Bacon To Any Website (Mmmm, Bacon)

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There aren't many food items that have received such a strong amount of Internet love as bacon. So much so, in fact, the tasty morsels of pig flesh have become a staple of Internet lore. Things like the Bacon Explosion, the bacon martini, the bacon AT-AT from Star Wars, the bacon Lombardi trophy, and, of course, the scores and scores of bacon-related sites, blogs and new recipes only help further the legend.

With that in mind, would adding bacon to your favorite website make it more appetizing to the masses? If so, is the site/utility just for you. The service works simply enough, just add the following string -- -- to the beginning of any web address you choose and ta-da, the site you're visiting now comes with a side of bacon.

For instance, if you'd like to see Google with a side of bacon, enter the following address:, which gives us this gem:

Bacon Google

No, that image was not altered, either. That's simply the result of adding the necessary bacon prefix, as you can see here:

Bacon URL

The site also makes sure to differentiate their add bacon function with others that have been here before Bacolicious by simply saying:

P.S. Hey, twits, this isn't the baconator. It's, mmmkay?

Speaking of twits, they also have a Twitter feed, and by and large, the Tweets and replies capture the spirit of the utility's silliness very well.

It looks like I have a huge bacon wang. Unbelievably awesome. 381 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

One wonders, however, about what would happen if you added the necessary prefix to something like the bacon explosion post. That much bacon in one place might make the Internet collapse on itself, leaving a smoldering ball of charred bacon bits in its place.

If you'd like to see what this post looks like with extra bacon, click here.

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