Adam Sandler Hits 30 Million Facebook Fans, Streams Live Chat With Andy Samberg

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Despite what you might think about Adam Sandler's recent direction in filmmaking, you can't deny that he remains a popular pop culture figure. You don't need to look any further than his Facebook page to see that.

Sandler has just hit 30 million "likes." In honor of that, he's holding a livestreamed chat with SNL's Andy Samberg and a handful of fans. Samberg is Sandler's co-star in his upcoming film That's My Boy.

Thirty fans have been selected from Facebook to screen the new film at Sony Pictures Studios today. That event is what will be streamed to all 30 million of his Facebook fans later this afternoon. It kicks off at 2 pm PDT.

That's My Boy, which hits theaters on June 15th, has an interesting cast and premise to say the least. Sandler and Samberg are joined by Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester, SNL alums Will Forte and Rachel Dratch, as well as legend James Caan. There's also a Vanilla Ice appearance somewhere in the film, so there that is. Here's the plot:

That's My Boy is the story of Donny Berger. While still in his teens, Donny (Adam Sandler) fathered a son, Todd (Andy Samberg), and raised him as a single parent up until Todd's 18th birthday. Now, after not seeing each other for years, Todd's world comes crashing down on the eve of his wedding when an uninvited Donny suddenly shows up. Trying desperately to reconnect with his son, Donny is now forced to deal with the repercussions of his bad parenting skills. That's My Boy is directed by Sean Anders, produced by Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo, Heather Parry, and Allen Covert, and written by David Caspe.

Fans have been able to post their questions to Sandler and Samberg ahead of time. Folks have asked Sandler if he pranks his family, if he's planning on doing more serious roles (like Reign Over Me), and if he laughs at his own movies.

I have yet to see any questions about his Razzie sweep.

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