Adam Richman Defends His Position On Walmart Beef

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Adam Richman has made some controversial decisions lately, and one of them is getting some attention this week after a blogger called the former Travel Channel star out on it.

Richman's Travel Channel show Man Finds Food was shelved after the star posted a rant on Twitter aimed at some followers who were upset over his use of the hashtag "thinspiration"--which is often associated with pro-anorexia groups--but he has found a new home at NBC with Food Fighters, and is also endorsing Walmart beef. The endorsement isn't sitting well with blogger Alexander Villeneuve.

"Richman spun off his work as America's most beloved binge eater into a job endorsing questionable food choices from Wal-Mart, disguised under the cloak of summer grilling tips courtesy of America's largest retailer. In this paradoxical ad, a noticeably slimmer Richman uses his "burger lover" credentials to sell the public some of the artery-filling red meat he's clearly been cutting back on," Villeneuve wrote.

Richman has defended backing the retail giant's products, saying he wouldn't do it if it wasn't something he believed in.

"People are going to hate if they’re going to hate, and I can’t control that. I met with ranchers, I met with the head of the beef program, I realized that they really have made profound steps to make their beef program a solid one," he said. "If it were a product I didn’t believe in, if it were an approach I didn’t believe in, I wouldn’t do it."

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