Adam Levine's Shocking New Look- Photo

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Adam Levine has a new look that many fans are not too crazy about.

On Saturday, May 3, Levine revealed a selfie of himself and his fiance Behati Prinsloo on Twitter that showed off his shocking transformation ... a new platinum blond hairdo!

Levine is no stranger to change, and likes to switch things up every now and then. According to Levine's stylist Shaul Arbiv, Levine just wanted something different.

"With summer months coming up we wanted to do something totally drastic and different from his previous styles so we bleached it," Arbiv explained. "I have been working with Adam for a long time and he likes to change up his style often."

Along with the photograph that shocked his fans worldwide, Levine added a caption that read: "Apocalypse prep course complete."

While Levine seems to be loving being a blond, obviously because blonds have more fun, the majority of his fans do not approve.

Levine responded to the backlash from his fans by tweeting: "I hope people understand that when they say my hair looks creepy i take that as the highest compliment."

What do you think about Levine's new look? Is he still the sexiest man alive? Leave your comments below.

Image via Twitter

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