Adam Lambert On "American Idol" And The Kesha Debacle

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Adam Lambert made yet another triumphant return on Thursday's American Idol.

During the show, Adam Lambert performed "Mad World", which he also performed on his original appearance.

Adam Lambert said of being back on American Idol, "It's nostalgic. I've been back on the show every year since I've been off, and so each year it's something different. It's really nice to come back for the final year with a new single and to reprise 'Mad World,' which was really cool."

Adam Lambert also debuted a new song called "Welcome to My Life", a duet with Swedish singer and frequent Lambert collaborator Lelah.

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According to Adam Lambert, performing the new song was a "rush".

After the show, Adam Lambert told host Ryan Seacrest,"That was the first time! Oh my god, I got such a rush from that!"

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Adam Lambert also gushed to ET about Kelly Clarkson and her famously moving performance of "Piece by Piece" a few weeks ago on Idol.


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He said, "I was really touched by her performance. It was so honest, and I think that's what hit everybody in the heart. She's such a talented singer."

He added, "As a fan of the show, I watched it from the beginning, before auditioning. Kelly's in all of our hearts. She's an incredible artist."

Adam Lambert was also asked about a recent visit with his friend, Kesha, who just went through a dirty legal battle against Dr. Luke, a music producer with Sony who she accused of sexual assault.

When asked how she was doing, Adam Lambert said, "From what I know, she's doing really well. We go way back from when we first both got signed so it was really nice to see her."

What did you think of Adam Lambert's performance of his new song?

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